Track & Field Unit


Track & Field Rubric

Our next unit upon our return from Thanksgiving Break will be the Track & Field unit. The department is working together to stage a Decathlon for our Physical Education students. Some of the events that will be ran will be : Shotput, Hurdles, Mile, Discus, High Jump and Long Jump. There will be guest speakers and events will be scored. The department is looking forward to adding this new event to give the students a more enriching experience. An added bonus is our Head Track & Field coach will be present to find diamonds in the rough.


A Peek into Our Department


A Peek into Our Department

As a newcomer to the Simi Valley High School Physical Education department, I am very proud of the growth our department as made this year. Students are buying in and it is awesome. In discussions within the department we are looking forward to incorporate different modes of assessment– specifically, written assessments. The link is a sample assignment we are considering. I am interested to see how the students will respond to this. The department has been great to be apart of! Another component we will be adding is the upcoming decathlon which will occur upon the return from Thanksgiving break! 

Simple Ways to Cultivate Happiness in Schools


Simple Ways to Cultivate Happiness in Schools

Just wanted to share an article titled “Simple Ways to Cultivate Happiness in Schools”. Number 2 on the list is “Get Outside” which is one of the best parts of being a Physical Education teacher. Simi Valley HS has a beautiful campus and one of my favorite things is enjoying the mountains in the background from the field. Number 3 on the list is “Move Your Body”, also a perk of Physical Education. The most frustrating thing is when students fight tooth and nail on moving around! Enjoy a different kind of mental engagement and move around!!!

Veterans Day


I know that I am a day late with this post, but want to make special mention of Veterans Day. My grandfather fought in World War II and I am thankful for him and all the soldiers, living and deceased, who have protected our country with dignity and grace. Thank you!

TND Thoughts


Terrific presentation by the staff down at Ventura County Office of Education. The TND speaker was absolutely terrific. It was easily one of the best in-services I have ever attended. The day moved right along and the information received will be easily applied to my classroom in the future. I am optimistic at the success the program can provide. Remember, you get out of something what you put into it.

Project TND: Towards No Drug Abuse


Excited for an opportunity to learn new things today at the Project TND: Towards No Drug Abuse!! The presentation should be excellent out at Camarillo today. We can all work together to stop tobacco, alcohol and drug use!!!

Unit 4 – Basketball


We are now fully engulfed in our basketball unit. Monday was a great day of skill building – focusing on jump stops, pivots and proper ball handling techniques. Would like to thank the students for being such willing participants!